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Collettori sportivi SSH-SFR12 Subaru/Toyota - MGR-239055


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  • 2.0 Boxer 200cv 12>
  • TOYOTA GT-86
  • 2.0 Boxer 200cv 12>

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Su Ordinazione! (7-90gg) [IMPORTAZIONE]

Con l'acquisto di questo prodotto è possibile raccogliere fino a 60 Punti fedeltà. Il totale del tuo carrello 60 Punti fedeltà può essere convertito in un buono di 18,00 €.

600,00 € tasse incl.


Megan Racing was founded on the belief that the goal of the automotive enthusiast should not be limited by the size of one’s wallet, but rather on their heart and passion for motor-sports.

As a young automotive enthusiast, Calvin (CEO) spent all his income on rent and special modifications towards his prized 1988 Toyota Celica All-Trac Turbo.

Building it from the ground up, he initially purchased performance parts from local wholesale businesses and resold them to local shops and their consumers.

Having to patiently sift through a wide array of international sources who offered parts at competitive prices and great quality, he faced the challenge of finding one that shared mutual manufacturing goals.

This eventually led Calvin to building his very own R&D factory here in California.

Focusing on company growth, he eventually formed a team to help him run the business and build up the brand even further to better serve customers.