Lampadina P21/4w - RIN-R566 Visualizza ingrandito

Lampadina P21/5w Oem - RIN-R380


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  • [12v 21/5W]
  • [BAY15d]
  • [Alogena]
  • [Doppio filamento]
  • [1 PEZZO]
  • Accessori universali
  • -
  • FORD Fiesta (Mk5)
  • Posizione/Stop posteriore 01>08

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Our heritage is in high specification lighting and trade products. We understand that professionals need products that perform to an exceptional standard and that can take the pace in a tough working environment. We design our inspection lighting, battery tools and commercial vehicle components with professionals in mind, and test them extensively to make sure they'll perform under any circumstances.

What we've learnt in our trade products, we have put into our products for motorists. Whether it's a battery charger, dash cam, vehicle bulb or a tyre inflator, we make our products to solve the problems that motorists face - and help them enjoy better, safer driving.

Ring Carnation is our specialist division, that combines power management, vehicle lighting and safety systems to create a unique vehicle conversion package. This includes genisysTM, the premier power management system for specialist vehicle applications.